Tuesday, March 2, 2010

update on Mr Sardinia,
He also uses the email address; loadsofbooks@bellsouth.net

I sent him the following letter after I received a book I sold him over a month ago.
Mr Sardinia,
There must be some mistake. The book you returned is not in the original condition in which it was sent to you. I accepted your word that the book was in original condition as you stated in your last email dated, Wednesday, February 17, 2010 that it was. You wrote, "The book is in original condition as stated when it was listed, i.e. still in the original wrap." The book I received is loosely wrapped in a large plastic Express Pack DHL shipping bag. This is not the original wrapping. One corner is bent and the back cover has a crease. This book is not "Brand New" anymore. I will have to list it as used in Good condition. I will not be able to sell it at the same rate at which you purchased it.Therefore I cannot issue you a full refund since the book is not in the same condition when you purchased it on January 8, 2010. Mr Sardinia, it took several emails for you to acknowledge me as to the condition of the book. In the mean time you were requesting a full refund.I will offer you a refund for a used book in the amount equal to half your original purchase price of $42.49, which is $21.25 plus original shipping of $3.99 for a total refund of $25.24.
Thank you,

In his email he stated the book was in original condition, i.e. in the original wrap, etc. I explained to him in an email that I would accept the book in its original condition as stated on Half.com when I listed it. It took about 2 weeks for him to return the book and another week to respond to me when I did not acknowledge receipt of the book. It was then I found the book to be in "used" condition. I have sent him the same response three times. All he asking for is a refund and not responding to my comments.
He is come character.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bruce Sardinia AKA Bookloads@bellsouth.net

I noticed other complaints and comments regarding the book seller, "bookloads" located in OPA LOCKA, FLA. He seems to have a few issues about refunds. I sold him a book back in January of this year. I receive an email from him asking for a refund almost 30 days later. Not much of an explanation is given. Just, " Unfortunately at this time I would like to return it for a refund. Please send me all relevant return information." I know he is a third party bookseller. I'm wondering if his other buyer has decided not to keep the book. I sold him a college textbook sealed in plastic with pertinent info listing what was with the book and what was not. I'm thinking the "student" who bought the book wants to resell or try and get a refund and "bookloads" wants to send it back. I had the same experience with another third party bookseller, "gretmedia." Anyone have experience with either of these sellers?