Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bruce Sardinia AKA

I noticed other complaints and comments regarding the book seller, "bookloads" located in OPA LOCKA, FLA. He seems to have a few issues about refunds. I sold him a book back in January of this year. I receive an email from him asking for a refund almost 30 days later. Not much of an explanation is given. Just, " Unfortunately at this time I would like to return it for a refund. Please send me all relevant return information." I know he is a third party bookseller. I'm wondering if his other buyer has decided not to keep the book. I sold him a college textbook sealed in plastic with pertinent info listing what was with the book and what was not. I'm thinking the "student" who bought the book wants to resell or try and get a refund and "bookloads" wants to send it back. I had the same experience with another third party bookseller, "gretmedia." Anyone have experience with either of these sellers?