Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bruce Sardinia AKA

I noticed other complaints and comments regarding the book seller, "bookloads" located in OPA LOCKA, FLA. He seems to have a few issues about refunds. I sold him a book back in January of this year. I receive an email from him asking for a refund almost 30 days later. Not much of an explanation is given. Just, " Unfortunately at this time I would like to return it for a refund. Please send me all relevant return information." I know he is a third party bookseller. I'm wondering if his other buyer has decided not to keep the book. I sold him a college textbook sealed in plastic with pertinent info listing what was with the book and what was not. I'm thinking the "student" who bought the book wants to resell or try and get a refund and "bookloads" wants to send it back. I had the same experience with another third party bookseller, "gretmedia." Anyone have experience with either of these sellers?


  1. I just had this exact same experience with him. If you google his email account you will find many others with the same problem. We should band together and file a police report.

  2. You can reach me at alba(dot)jdavid(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Please see

  4. I had the same experience with bookloads. If you need to add me to any police report, go ahead. My email is In Amazon I am Neverending books of Ann Arbor Michigan.

  5. bookloads = Bruce Sardinia. He sells under the names "Any Book" on Amazon, also "More Books" on Alibris. He bought a book through us on Abe, then 6 weeks later claimed he never got it. Abe refunded him even though we had tracking which showed it had been delivered. I guess he snaps his fingers and Abe bends over for him. If you mail to him, make sure you get signature confirmation and possibly insurance. Good luck, but he does so much business it's David vs. Goliath trying to stop him.

  6. In December I mailed a book to SBS. After a week or so I received an email from them saying they didn't receive it and did I use delivery confirmation. I wrote that I did and gave them the number and also the time the post office said it was delivered. I was pretty new at this and worried about bad feedbasck so emailed them several days later to ask if they got it yet. I wrote to them atleast 4 more emails each time saying perhaps someone in the office got it and misplaced it. I didn't want to accuse them of anything so each email gave them the opportunity to say it was there, had been misplaced and thank you. They never answered which was odd. Had they really not received it I would assume they'd want their money back or at least given negative feedback. Now, when I see all the others who have had similar problems I am truly upset and wonder why Amazon hasn't fixed this problem. I am aware of Southern Book Service, which has the same address, as being a wholesale book supplier and someone I have dealt with for many years when I owned a book store.

    I absolutely do not understand why Amazon didn't know about these problems when I spoke to them today.

  7. 2 similar cases reported here:

    sbs book (aka
    4360 NW 135TH ST
    OPA LOCKA, Florida 33054

  8. Actually I'm defrauded as of this moment. He just sent an email yesterday requesting a refund. Should I contact his local police department.

    AMAZON (Yes he's moved on to bigger things and now taking over Amazon)
    Order ID 002-9218980-0356234:
    1 of Contemporary Vietnamese: An Intermediate Text (Book + audio) (Southeast Asian Language Text Series) [ASIN: 1877979465]

    ------------- Begin message -------------

    Dear Vendor,

    I have yet to receive my book order from you. Has it been shipped yet? When can I expect it? Do you have a tracking number for this item? Please rush it along. Thank you for your help with this matter.

  9. We are having the exact same problem and emails over a £20 book we shipped on the day of order, which was asked to be cancelled several days after it was ordered and we now have been told hasn;t arrived.

  10. update...

    we have just had the following reply from ABE
    Thank you for your reply.

    I understand your feelings regarding this matter. The buyer in question has placed a significant number of orders, and the percentage amount of these orders which are returned is almost minimal. We do monitor such things and have procedures in place for dealing with these matters.


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